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Best Gas For Bmw 328i

Best Gas For Bmw 328i

Hi all. I very recently purchased a 2011 BMW 328i with ~53k miles on it. This is going to be my daily driver. I know BMW recommends premium .
In the UK BMW use 98 RON fuel when they quote the power output of the car. Therefore that's what we need to use for best performance .
What is the experience of those folks using regular gas in the 4 cylinder turbo in. Nothing to do with quality etc, just the higher the octane the better knock protection it provides.. For my 2011 BMW 328i, premium is required.
Hi I know that there is Top Tier Gasoline retailers which include Chevron, Shell, Conoco, QuikTrip and more then dozen of others. Does the .
MPG: 23/34; Annual Fuel Cost: $2050. Recast for 2012, the BMW 3 Series remains the model to beat among small sports sedans. Here, a peppy .
The new BMW 328i achieves up to 36 mpg on the highway. The powerful 335i was rated at 33 mpg. The 3 Series offers far better fuel economy than rivals.
Every Bmw should get top tier gas. I notice a difference in my car. My car can't idle right on sunnoco gas but lasts the longest. Bp gas burns too .
Most of you might know, that I just got CPO 2009 BMW 328xi. I want to know what kind of gas I need to use in this beast?. I've been using Chevron or Shell premium gas on my 2009 328i if out of town, Since I live close to a .
Current Gas Selection. BMW recommends BP in the owners manuel. However, I do not have a BP in my area. So, I as well have been using the .
First long trip on the 328i, and i wanted to calculate the exact MPG. Route traveled eastbound I-10 from.

Updated: October 12, 2018 — 8:03 pm

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